QSN 21/22 Webinar Series: Module Evaluation Special Interest Group | Meeting 6

Thursday 9th Jun 2022 - Thursday 9th Jun 2022

This event was originally planned for January 2022 however it has been rescheduled due to speaker availability.

Join us for this 6th meeting of the QSN Module Evaluation Special Interest Group.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

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Event Breakdown

QSN 21/22 Webinar Series: Module Evaluation Special Interest Group | Meeting 6


14:55 Login and virtual refreshments
15:00 Welcome – Dr Victoria Korzeniowska, QSN Chair
15:05 Informal Module Feedback and Programme Evaluation: the start of a journey

In autumn 2022, the University of Winchester discontinued formal module evaluation questionnaires and introduced regular informal module feedback and programme evaluation questionnaires. In this presentation we will examine the rationale for the change, the elements of the new approach, successes and challenges and next steps. Dr Victoria Korzeniowska (Director of Academic Quality and Development) and Dr Dave Barber (Head of Technology Enhanced Learning and Digital Literacies), University of Winchester

15:20 Q&A
15:25 Student Evaluation of Teaching: Two years on from ‘Our Brave New World’

In July 2019 we presented how we wanted to move away from standardised and separate module and programme evaluations to a combined survey tailored to each individual student that would run at the end of semesters 1 and 2. The session will cover how we moved from discussion to implementation, what we learnt in the process (warts and all), and where we are now two years on. Elisabeth Turnbull (Education, Governance & Data Co-ordinator) and Dr Claire Irving (Educational Policy and Governance Team Manager) Newcastle University.

15:45 – 16:15 Discussion groups will provide an opportunity for those attending to follow up on the approaches and issues raised in the presentations or to discuss any other aspects of programme and module evaluation that are of interest, for example

  • Recent or upcoming changes to institutional approaches to module and/or programme evaluation
  • Impact of the revised Quality and Standards Conditions in the OfS regulatory framework on approaches to module or programme level evaluation
  • Other effective approaches to garnering meaningful student feedback
  • How institutions use the data from module evaluation
  • How to encourage student participation
16:15 Feedback from break out rooms
16:30 Close

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Thursday 9th Jun 2022

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