QSN Webinar: Still Building An Academic Regulatory Response To The Pandemic

Wednesday 1st Jul 2020 - Wednesday 1st Jul 2020

*This event has now been moved to Wednesday July 1st from 15:30 until 17:00*

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The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, on the sector has been unprecedented. Higher Education Institutions have been quick to act in managing carefully the necessary response to the impact of Covid-19, informed by UK government and scientific advice and the requirements of sector guidance (OfS; CMA; OIA; QAA; UKSCQA and ESFA).

Universities have introduced a range of measures to enable students to continue their studies in 2019/20 and beyond including:

  • A move to an online or blended mode of course delivery
  • Adjustments to assessments and examinations implemented as part of the emergency measures and rapid transition to online delivery
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Regulations Principles, Academic Regulations amendments and Guidance for Examination Boards
  • The re-casting of extenuating circumstances and mitigation processes to require limited supporting documentary requirements

Regulatory changes introduced in 2019/20 will be reviewed to ensure their appropriateness for this new phase of the pandemic. The recent publication by QAA, ‘Preserving quality and standards through a time of rapid change’, (QAA,2020), provides extensive guidance on planning for 2020/21 with a flexible response needed to respond to potential uncertainty and changes in Covid-19 conditions. We may need to move rapidly to a further lockdown should the spread of the virus increase or start to ease the restrictions for social distancing should face to face on campus delivery be possible. As QAA highlight (QAA, 2020, p8):

“With flexibility as the underpinning aim, a potential starting point in strategic planning is establishing what is possible. Consider the extent to which providers can use ‘normal’ assessment processes and regulations, and ‘emergency’ regulations that were developed in the short-term to deal with the crisis as it emerged this year. Listen to what academic staff, examination boards, exam administrators, externals and, crucially, students think about the assessment approaches adopted for this semester, and work this feedback into future planning”

Building on our recent webinars, we would like to offer QSN members the opportunity to discuss approaches to the next academic year in an online meeting. The meeting will be framed around the questions of greatest interest to members rather than presentations or lightning talks.

This webinar event is free to QSN members

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

The delegate booking system on the website is a little clunky which should hopefully be fixed soon. You have to register your name to add a delegate (which could be yourself), complete the delegate registration information and then scroll back down the page to submit your registration.

Event Breakdown

QSN Webinar: Still Building An Academic Regulatory Response To The Pandemic


15:20 Login and virtual refreshments!
15:30 Welcome – Lee Jones, Chair QSN
15:40 – 16:40 Virtual Break-Out Rooms

Questions for Quality Practitioners to reflect for shared discussion could include:

  • Managing temporary and permanent revisions to course structures and delivery information for Academic Year 2020/21 in Response to Coronavirus COVID-19 and Associated Government Guidance on Maintaining Social Distancing
  • The CMA implications of changing the mode of programme delivery and assessments
  • The Quality Assurance and Enhancement of Online Learning and Teaching
  • A Risk-Based Approach to Quality in 2020/21 – What do we focus on?
  • What are the new norms for Quality after the Pandemic?
16:45 – 17:00 Plenary and Close

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