QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 4 How do we judge the quality of transnational provision in a Covid era?

Thursday 18th Mar 2021 - Thursday 18th Mar 2021

Transnational education (TNE) is an important area for UK higher degree-awarding providers. 142 UK providers have students on TNE programmes and more than 650,000 students’ study for UK awards through transnational provision, including through open and distance learning. The Department for Education (DfE) estimates that UK higher education TNE contributes over £600 million in exports to the UK economy and is currently delivered in 226 locations worldwide.

But how do we judge the quality of transnational provision in a Covid era?

This webinar will focus on the innovative approaches undertaken by QSN member institutions to ensure that baseline quality requirements are being met whilst international travel restrictions are likely to remain across the sector during the rest of 2020/21.

If you would like to present a 7 -minute ‘Lightning Talk’ please contact chair@qualitystrategynetwork.org.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

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This event is kindly sponsored by Explorance

Event Breakdown

QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 4 How do we judge the quality of transnational provision in a Covid era?


14:50 Login and virtual refreshments!
14:50 Welcome – Dr Victoria Korzeniowska , Deputy Chair QSN
14:55 Welcome from Explorance

John Atherton, General Manager for Europe Explorance

15:00 Undertaking collaborative partner site visits during Covid: is it virtually the same as visiting in person?

Ian Pearson, Academic Registrar (Enhancement), University of Wolverhampton

Whilst the Covid 19 global pandemic has placed restrictions on travel, this hasn’t stopped the expansion of collaborative partnerships in some institutions. This presentation will share the University of Wolverhampton’s approach to online site visits to allow new partnerships to be approved.

15:15 Risk based approach to partnerships in the Covid era

Dr Suzanna Tomassi, Deputy Director (Partnerships – Quality and Relationships), The Open University

Over the last few years, The Open University has seen increased growth in the number of HE partnerships in the UK and abroad. This rapid expansion has triggered changes to our quality assurance processes and procedures. The changes remain ongoing, with the added complexities of Covid19, which forced us to shift our activities online. This presentation will focus on how the OU have adapted to Covid19 in relation to partnerships, highlighting some recent changes that were triggered by the pandemic

15:30 Quality Enhancement and TNE in a Post-Covid Era

Dr Alison Felce, Accreditation, Partnerships and Policy Manager, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

15:45 – 16:40 Virtual Break-Out Rooms

Questions for Quality Practitioners to reflect for shared discussion

  • What have been the greatest challenges in maintaining your oversight of your partnerships over the last 12 months?
  • How have you innovated to address these challenges?
  • How will your institution be taking forward what you have learnt over the last 12 months into the 21/22 year and beyond?
  • Is your institution planning to make permanent changes to how it develops new partnerships and maintains partnerships into the future?
  • How have you gathered student feedback during the last 12 months and how has it informed decision making?
  • How have you liaised with Ministry bodies and local bodies when rolling out policy changes (for example no-detriment or assessment/curriculum changes)?
  • Have you developed new partnerships/programmes over the past 12 months or have TNE growth agendas been paused?
  • If you have developed any new partnerships during Covid, how did you modify your institutional approval and programme validation processes?
  • Did you involve your partner institutions in developing your approach to no detriment or did different TNE partners devise their own approach?

You can answer the questions prior to and during the webinar by clicking here

16:45 – 17:00 Plenary and Close

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