QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 3 The changing nature of Student Feedback and Student Engagement after Covid-19

Thursday 28th Jan 2021 - Thursday 28th Jan 2021

Providing swift and useful institutional insights from student feedback has always been a major challenge for quality assurance practitioners long before Covid-19 upended higher education across the four nations. The pivot to online teaching and assessment in recent months has underlined just how difficult this vital, but time-consuming, task has become.

This fifth meeting of the Module Evaluation Special Interest Group will ask the question ‘is it time to reconsider the paradigm of teacher-student feedback altogether in these strange times of enforced distance learning?’ The meeting will also provide the opportunity to consider possible future directions for the NSS in the light of the OfS review and to share practice and insights and reflect on the collective concerns of our student communities.

QSN members are encouraged to invite their SU Reps to the meeting, free of charge

If you would like to present a 7 -minute ‘Lightning Talk’ please contact chair@qualitystrategynetwork.org.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

The delegate booking system on the website is a little clunky which should hopefully be fixed soon. You have to register your name to add a delegate (which could be yourself), complete the delegate registration information and then scroll back down the page to submit your registration.

Event Breakdown

QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 3 The changing nature of Student Feedback and Student Engagement after Covid-19


14:50 Login and virtual refreshments!
14:50 Welcome – Dr Victoria Korzeniowska and Dr Keith Swanson, QSN Exec Members
15:00 Module evaluation during Covid-19: the student perspective

This lightning talk will explore student views about module evaluation including students’ understanding of the purpose of module evaluation and their expectations about how their feedback will be acted upon. The talk will also cover how student expectations about the opportunities available to them to give them feedback on their learning experience have changed during the pandemic and how this might impact future approaches to module evaluation.

Megan Ball, President University of Winchester Student Union

15:10 Pulse Surveys During COVID-19 at Cardiff Met

Student voice and engagement is at the heart of the work we undertake at Cardiff Met to ensure the Student Experience is the best it can be. To ensure that this was still the case during COVID-19, we ran a series of ‘Pulse surveys’ with the purpose of quickly assessing the general student feeling and well-being in response to the changes implemented by the University as a result of the pandemic. We wanted to be able to track changes and respond to students concerns over time. This lightening talk will cover our approach taken with the Pulse surveys, consider any reoccurring themes, and discuss the actions taken by the University as a result.

Bethan Foweraker, Student Voice and Engagement Lead and Louise Davies, Quality Enhancement Officer, Cardiff Metropolitan University


More than just a grade: Improving feedback in 2021

Sherry Iqbal is in her second term as Education Officer at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union. Her lightning talk will discuss the new generation of Students and how technology can be used to provide excellent feedback. She’ll debunk myths and provide real student experiences of feedback from across the institution. We’ll discuss the importance of meeting students needs, straying from the standard form of feedback and how a dynamic approach to feedback is vital to student success and progression. Part of this session will require a dictionary, if you have one available please do bring it along.

Sherry Iqbal, Education Officer, Leeds Beckett Student Union

15:40 – 16:40 Virtual Break-Out Rooms

The break out rooms provide an opportunity for participants to discuss any issue relating to module evaluation that is of interest to the group.

Below is a list of ‘starter’ questions which can be used should the group so wish.

Did you make any changes to your module evaluation process during the first lockdown? For example

  • Different questionnaire/questions
  • More regular engagement with students to gain feedback on modules
  • Other formal or informal forms of module feedback

Has the response rate increased/decreased during the pandemic?

Did you change how you fed back to students on proposed actions in response to module evaluation?

How has student feedback during the pandemic impacted on your institutional approach to enhancing the student experience?

Have you made any changes to your module evaluation process during the 202-21 academic year?

How will the pandemic affect your longer term institutional approach to engaging with students and gaining feedback on their experience of learning and teaching?

16:45 – 17:00 Plenary and Close

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