QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 2 Assuring the quality of online delivery

Tuesday 8th Dec 2020 - Tuesday 8th Dec 2020

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has become particularly relevant as the sector continues to manage its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Blended learning, online delivery and alternatives to face-to-face assessment are now all part of the ‘new normal’ but what are the implications of these changes for quality assurance?

This webinar will focus on the digital learning environment and explore how institutions are adapting QA processes to ensure that quality is maintained.

If you would like to present a 7 -minute ‘Lightning Talk’ please contact chair@qualitystrategynetwork.org.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

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Event Breakdown

QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 2 Assuring the quality of online delivery


14:50 Login and virtual refreshments!
14:55 Welcome – Lee Jones, Chair QSN
15:00 Provision in a Pandemic: Establishing Hy-Flex Teaching and Learning

Laura West-Burnham, Academic Development Specialist and Ade Clarke, Learning Development Officer, Quality Enhancement Directorate, Cardiff Metropolitan University

15:10 A question of quality: a multi-pronged approach to evaluating blended delivery

Universities tend to have standardised and well-trodden approaches to evaluating delivery. However, the complexities of the blended learning environment combined with the shifting sands of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted a shift in the way we are gathering and evaluating evidence. This lightning talk looks at the multiple approaches being used to understand staff and student experience of blended delivery.

Catherine O’Connor, University lead for Learning, Teaching and Employability, Leeds Trinity University

15:20 “Could we just put them all in an aircraft hangar?: The Evolution of Assessment and Quality Assurance in the Time of Covid”

Dr Jennifer Wotherspoon, Deputy Director, Student Services, University of York

15:30 “Engaging the Student Voice in our ‘New Normal”

Following the unprecedented challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Explorance has launched a new eBook, Engaging the Student Voice in our ‘New Normal’, in partnership with contributors from senior university leaders based in the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, South Africa, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
In this lightning talk, John Atherton – General Manager Europe & Africa at Explorance, will outline some of the key takeaways from the eBook.
Access the eBook here:

John Atherton, General Manager Europe and Africa

15:40 – 16:40 Virtual Break-Out Rooms

Questions for Quality Practitioners to reflect for shared discussion:

You can add your responses before or during the session. Here is the link to the survey.

  1. What will learning and teaching be like in your institution for the rest of the 2020/21 academic year? What have you learnt about learning, teaching and assessment that will shape your practices for the Spring and Summer terms?
  2. Is your institution in a position of needing to make fast-track approvals for changes to Spring 2021 e.g. where placements had been moved into spring term in the hope that things would be nearly back to normal?
  3. How is your institution making decisions about 2021/22?
  4. What will your institution be taking into 2021/22 from what you have learnt in 2020/21 e.g. what is the place of the lecture in 2021/22?
  5. How does your institution support creative thinking and programme developments without the perceived barriers of QA?
  6. Is your institution looking at making any permanent changes to delivery patterns from the experience this academic year so far e.g. micro credentials, block delivery etc?
  7. How is student feedback informing decision-making?
  8. To what extent is accessibility featuring in the evaluation of quality?
16:45 – 17:00 Plenary and Close

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