QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 1 What’s in your institutional degree classification profile these days?

Wednesday 28th Oct 2020 - Wednesday 28th Oct 2020

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In May 2019 the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment published a Statement of Intent proposing that every higher education provider across England produce and publish a Degree Outcomes Statement analysing their degree classification profile and articulating the results of an internal review in the context of their arrangements for teaching, learning and assessment of students, academic regulations, and academic governance.

In this webinar we will hear from QSN member institutions’ who will share how their institutions have and perhaps still are developing Statements.

Members will have an opportunity to share practice and insights and reflect on the constituent elements of the statements including Institutional degree classification profiles, assessment and marking practices, academic governance. classification algorithms, teaching practices and learning resources, identifying good practice and actions and risks and challenges

The webinar will also provide the opportunity to consider the report Principles for Effective Algorithm Design published by UUK, GuildHE and QAA on behalf of UKSCQA.

If you would like to present a 7 -minute ‘Lightning Talk’ please contact chair@qualitystrategynetwork.org.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

The delegate booking system on the website is a little clunky which should hopefully be fixed soon. You have to register your name to add a delegate (which could be yourself), complete the delegate registration information and then scroll back down the page to submit your registration.

Event Breakdown

QSN 2021 Webinar Series: 1 What’s in your institutional degree classification profile these days?


14:50 Login and virtual refreshments!
14:50 Welcome – Lee Jones, Chair QSN
15:00 ‘Grade Inflation vs. Grade Improvement’

Tony Turjansky, Director of Quality Assurance, Edge Hill University

15:00 ‘Good Degrees in the context of social mobility’

Phil Berry, Director of Academic Quality Service, Middlesex University

15:00 ‘Making our Degree Outcomes Statement useful internally’

Elinor Davies, Academic Quality Manager, The University of Bristol

15:40 – 16:40 Virtual Break-Out Rooms – Discussion on the ‘Principles for Effective Algorithm Design’

1. What are your plans for your Degree Outcomes Statement now that it has been published?
a. How often are you going to review it?

2. Did you engage an external adviser during the production of your Degree Outcomes Statement?
a. What was their contribution?
b. Have you appointed the external adviser to continue for a number of years or was it just for the production of the original document?
c. How do you see the relationship between the work of the external adviser and that of external examiners?

3. How is your institution making use of the UKSCQA publication Principles for Effective Algorithm Design?

4. Do you have plans to make any changes to your degree classification algorithm? If so, what are these?

5. Did the production of your Degree Outcomes Statement result in any further action? If so, in what area?

6. Does your institution have an approach to quantifying value added/learning gain to explain its degree classification profile?

16:45 – 17:00 Plenary and Close

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