QSN 19/20 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Consulting on Regulating Quality and Standards in Higher Education: Raising the Bar

Thursday 17th Dec 2020 - Thursday 17th Dec 2020

Well we have finally done it and managed to close the year with the biggest of finales! Yes the QSN 19/20 AGM and an opportunity to reflect on QSN member institutional responses to the Office for Students (OfS) consultation on quality and standards in higher education: Raising the bar

We will spend the first 30 minutes on our 2019/20 AGM following our postponed QSN Annual Conference in September this year.

The remainder of the webinar will focus on the OfS consultation. The OfS is proposing to update and toughen requirements for the minimum performance expected by the OfS from any University or other higher education provider. Numerical values for baseline requirements are yet to be published but the OfS does remind us that they are ready to use all necessary enforcement powers, where necessary, to help maintain the excellent reputation of the English higher education system.

Join us to share institutional views on the new and clearer definitions of “quality” and “standards”! Whether you wish to contribute to the QSN consultation response or simply  understand current thinking across QSN member institutions to inform your own institutional response, then please attend this webinar.

The Quality Strategy Network (QSN) is planning to submit a response to the consultation on behalf of QSN members. Our survey is anonymous and we will share responses to all QSN member institutions shortly after our webinar on the 17th December.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please update as much or a little of the survey as you are able. Greater engagement with the survey will help inform the QSN response and provide helpful sector views to inform our own institutional responses.

This webinar will take place via Zoom. A link will be sent out in the joining instructions.

The delegate booking system on the website is a little clunky which should hopefully be fixed soon. You have to register your name to add a delegate (which could be yourself), complete the delegate registration information and then scroll back down the page to submit your registration.

This webinar is kindly sponsored by Explorance

Event Breakdown

QSN 19/20 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Consulting on Regulating Quality and Standards in Higher Education: Raising the Bar


14:50 Login and virtual refreshments!
14:55 Welcome – Lee Jones, Chair QSN
15:00 QSN Annual General Meeting
15:30 Introduction to consultation on quality and standards in higher education: Raising the bar
15:45 – 16:45 Group discussion topics

  • The proposed definitions of ‘quality’ and ‘standards’ (Table 1 Annexe A)
  • One system  for all Higher Education providers?
  • Student continuation, student completion and progression to managerial and professional jobs or higher-level study as the indicators to be used in setting and assessing numerical baselines for student outcomes.
  • What other additional quantitative indicators could be used to measure student outcomes?
  • The future of Access and Participation
  • Demographic performance
  • The longitudinal educational outcomes (LEO) dataset.
  • Setting the numerical baseline at a level that would seek to improve the bottom 10 – 20 per cent of provider performance in the sector for a given indicator
  • Targeted regulatory action against pockets of sector performance that are below the numerical baselines.
  • Contextual factors that should be taken into account when a provider’s performance is below one or two numerical baselines
  • Proposals for monitoring ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements for quality and standards
  • Enforcement action
  • Unintended consequences
16:45 Plenary and Close

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Thursday 17th Dec 2020

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