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QSN is a membership organisation for staff with responsibility for quality strategy and management within UK higher education. It provides a forum for the discussion of key issues of quality management and enhancement, and organises an annual Conference and smaller, symposium events to discuss specific areas of interest.


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July 12, 2017

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12th Annual Conference: A Better Quality Future - PLEASE NOTE CONFERENCE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED

The transformation of the quality management landscape is proceeding with great rapidity. These changes have radically altered the quality world and our conference will provide sessions that will support us in engaging with all of them. To help set the scene and spark discussions, we will be joined by Gordon McKenzie, GuildHE CEO, and Ant Bagshaw and Sue Rivers from Wonkhe.

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QAA responds to government consultations on HE regulation

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Jenna heads to World Cup qualifiers

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An SFC Winning Student has joined the Scottish national team for the World Cup qualifiers.

Wonkery in the media

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The way wonkish stories are covered in the media presents issues for those trying to foster a deeper understanding of the way the HE sector works. Arthi Nachiappan suggests a path through Wonkfest for those who want to improve their media skills.

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What’s happening to quality?

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With the regulatory framework consultation and the Quality Code consultation out, top quality wonk Catherine Boyd, has plenty of thoughts on the future of quality in the English HE sector, and beyond.

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Seeking validation: OfS and collaborative provision

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Ant Bagshaw digests a new research report on validation and franchise arrangements, published by DfE alongside the new regulatory framework.

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A game of risk

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Regulation is all about managing risk – how well do the proposals in the regulatory consultation do that? David Kernohan sees an uncomfortable financial parallel…

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OfS details now open for consultation

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There’s a lot to digest – 5 consultations, 544 pages. Louis Coiffait offers a way into the huge OfS/DfE consultation on the regulatory framework.

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The cost of regulation

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Institutions will subscribe to the new Office for Students, but at what level, and how will these levels be determined? And what are the other potential costs in the new system? Catherine Boyd takes a look

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